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Style Consultation Giveaway!

Subscribe for a chance to win a Style Consultation! During the Style Consultation, we will uncover your own unique signature style, as well as the message you want to convey to the world through that style. 

The Style Consultation will be done via Zoom. I will ask you to fill in a form, send me some pictures, and we will chat on Zoom. I will direct you as far as the clothing and accessories that suit you. One week later, when you've had some time to process and experiment, we will meet again on Zoom to process everything.


Result: a new-found confidence to wear the items that resonate most with you and make you feel beautiful!


The contest will run across Instagram and Facebook and is intended for women over the age of 18. No entries will be accepted after July 31. The draw will take place August 1, and the winner will be announced August 2. 

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